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Other Popular Products

Tile, Frits and Glaze

Alumina for production of the 

The use of Alumina in glaze, frits and tile composition has a key role in providing mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, thermal shock resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. Additionally, it has a major effect on the appearance of tiles to creates shiny, opaque or semi-transparent surface.

Recommended Grades

آلومینا - سیلیکا ترکیبی


Alumina for industrial production of

Recommended Grades

Calcined, fused and sintered alumina are materials with superior abrasion and hardness characteristics. According to these properties they are widely used in the abrasive industry as polishing, cutting, grinding agents.

Grinding Tools

Alumina for production of 

Recommended Grades

Ball mills are among the most popular grinding types of equipment. There is always some amounts of iron found in ball mill product which is due to abrasion of balls and liners. In order to lower impurities and achieve a high purity product, steel balls and liners are replaced with alumina balls and liners. This is due to the superior hardness and wear-resistance of high purity calcined alumina.

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